President Report

MARCH 2020








To all those who have been ailing I wish you all a swift recovery and hope to see you around the club soon. A special mention to “Gilly” who is now out of hospital and on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, “Butch” Daly is not travelling too well at the moment and Meryl Norman is now out of hospital and on the mend. We hope to see them all up and about at the Clubrooms in the not to distant future.

I did the Radio Show “Vets on Air” with Robin and Mike a fortnight ago and hopefully I was able to give out some appropriate information to listeners. I had a cold at the time and it appears that Robin and Mike finished up with a cold as well. If I was the culprit, I apologise.

Gloria Mitchell has volunteered to do the office and has been working with me on a Wednesday. She will probably be in the office as you read this report or she maybe sitting in on the Committee meeting. Please make her welcome.

I attended the Deputy Commissioner of DVA’s forum on 17th February where I met the DVA CEO. I approached him about the lengthy delays being experienced in the processing of veterans claims by DVA. I also raised the staffing issues they have within the claims area and a possible solution for them to evaluate. He was not very responsive so I dare say that very little will change.

I also attended the Veterans Advisory Council meeting on the 13th February where we learnt that the new chairperson will by Dr Susan Neuhaus, (Retired Colonel). I have since met with her and raised some concerns with her which the VAC should address.

The new Director of Veterans S.A. is Catherine Walsh ex RAAF who will replace Rob Manton. She begins in the job on 20th of April.

The VORG held a Race night on the 6th March. The attendance was disappointing with only 32 attendees, but a great night was had by all. Phil Scoop and A-M Howell were the big winners on the night. Approximately $340 was raised for Camp Andrew Russell.   

The next race day will be 3rd November, Melbourne Cup Day, timing will be advised but it will be daytime, COVID – 19 allowing.

Mal Thiele