President Report




Following on from our combined ESO report on the regeneration of the Repat, a further meeting was held with ESO’s at the Plympton/Glenelg RSL re the proposed Well Being Centre in the Repat Hub. The SPF Hall, Sleep Disorders Unit, Chapel, Memorial Gardens and Museum are all included in this proposal funded by the Federal Government. Work on a new Aged Care ward has already begun whilst plans were tabled by Darren Renshaw for the Well Being and Pension Hub. It was very apparent that the Plympton/Glenelg Veterans Centre would relocate to the Repat site with advocates and pension officers from other ESO’s joining them there.

This consortium of fifteen EO’s also discussed VEST funding for S.A. and the usefulness of the ESORT committee. As a result of this discussion a letter has been drafted for all fifteen ESO’s to sign before it is sent to Minister Chester, Liz Cossons and a number of other politicians including the State Premier. As soon as I receive a copy of this letter, I will have it on display for all members to peruse and may include it in SNAFU.

To all those who have been ailing I wish you all a swift recovery and hope to see you around the club in the near future.

I know Mike Hainsworth has done a lot of research and work on getting a revision to our website. I believe that it is now up and running and we will be able to maintain it ourselves. Thankyou Mike for all of your work and all the communications with ComX, the designer of our new website. It has been something that we have struggled with for a number of years now (especially with access and an ability to update info) and is long overdue. Well done Mike.

The VORG held Open Days at Camp Andrew Russell at Alawoona to promote our bush retreat. A number of members attended the two days and although only three people outside of the VVF attended it was still a successful weekend. One of those three people who attended has since joined the VVF and is now member number 748.

I also attended the Battle of Britain Memorial Service at the Torrens Parade Ground organised by the RAAF Association and laid a tribute.

We also had a BBQ at Bunnings Marion on September 20 and a great day was had by all those who helped out. Thanks to Phil Scroop who once again organised everyone and everything. A big thankyou to Mal & Sue, Theo, Phil and Bob Devitt who did the morning and to Phil, Theo and Bob and Faye for the afternoon shift. There is another on 1st November for all of you just itching to help out.

Don’t forget the VORG Race night on 1st November. Bring along your friends and neighbours and have a fun night.

Mal Thiele