President’s Report

February 21


January 21

To all those who have been ailing I wish you all a swift recovery.

The verandas, both front and back, are now complete and the concreter begins work on Wednesday 7th April.  The mains gas lines are nearing completion and should be completed next week.  The update to the Car Park is expected to begin after Anzac Day.  It is great to see things that have been planned for a long time finally nearing completion or about to start.

The last BBQ in February was attended by the maximum number of attendees allowed under the COVID rules and a good time was had by all.  I look forward to April’s BBQ when a maximum of 75 people can now attend.  This is great news as we are not far short of being back to normal.

The ESO Consortium met before Easter and discussed a number of issues, namely the Queensland RSL Lottery, Request to extend the period of eligibility for the National Emergency Medal, a proposal to include a memorial paver for Thailand veterans on the Anzac Walk, a briefing from SA Health on the Repat Well Being Centre, formulate a submission to Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal into recognition for members and families of the ADF who are inured, killed or wounded as a result of their Service, The cost of Death Notices for Veterans in the Advertiser and Identification and support of Veterans in Residential Care.   This was a very busy meeting and copies of the letters produced thus far about these issues are available for all to see at the sign in desk

John Derbyshire is well down the road with the planning for the memorial service for FSB‘s Coral and Balmoral.  All invitations have been sent and replies are now being received.  Initially the Governor was unable to attend but we have since been advised that he has rescheduled and will now be in attendance.

I also attended a VAC meeting before Easter, very little of which I am able to discuss but Transition from the ADF and Veteran employment following discharge were a couple of the topics discussed.

Bob Ellis, Robin Carbins and I met with Nicolle Flint and Andrew Hastie, the deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs and discussed a number of issues namely the slowness of processing Veterans claims by DVA, the ridiculous staffing levels in DVA. The Royal Commission into Veterans Suicide, BEST Funding, ATDP Training and homeless Vets.  I believe we had a good hearing and hopefully some of our suggestions might take root in Canberra.

The extra medals awarded to Captain Ian Yerbury have now been included with the ones we originally had and have been mounted and framed.  Many thanks to Bob Ellis and his contacts for the mounting and framing of the medals by Paul Coppock of the VVAA.

Stay well, stay safe, isolate and communicate and we will all get through this difficult time.